Inspiration is all around


I listen to a lot of motivational speakers, read a lot of what you would think of as “self-help” books, and follow several personal development coaches online. But I’m always surprised by the people I actually draw inspiration from on a daily basis.

There’s my friend who has seemingly had all the cards stacked against her in life – her father died when she was young, she struggled with an eating disorder and she manages her bipolar disorder every day. But that doesn’t stop her. She has a thriving career, volunteers with numerous organizations, runs 5ks regularly and has a passion for life that is overwhelming. I am inspired by my friend.

There’s the people I see every day at the gym. Some face physical disabilities or severe weight challenges. There’s old people, young people, moms with babies. They take 30 minutes out of every day to improve themselves. I am inspired by these people.

There’s the farmer in my community who is facing a severe cancer diagnosis. He has a wife and young children. He doesn’t stop fighting and he doesn’t lose faith. I am inspired by him.

Inspiration is everywhere, if you just look for it. Who or what inspires you?


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